Different Kinds of Concrete for Construction

Fun fact: concrete is the most produced and used material and people use concrete in different projects even outside construction. In fact, other materials used also contain concrete. This is how ubiquitous concrete is. Although you know one face of concrete, and know-how versatile it can be, there is also one thing you need to know about concrete: not all concrete is the same.  

There are several types of concrete that exist and are used in the world in different applications. For instance, one of the oldest kinds is the concrete recipe used by the ancient Romans for their construction before, which is a mixture of hydrated lime and volcanic ash. Since then, the concrete mixture has evolved up to this date and has become increasingly diverse and advanced.  

The following are the different types of concrete: 

High-Strength Concrete – suggested by its name, high-strength concrete is different from the normal concrete used in the construction. They differ in their ability to resist a certain amount of force without breaking. The concrete strength was differentiated by the American Concrete Institute where a high-strength concrete is said to have a compressive strength of over 6,000 pounds square inch (psi). Another thing that differentiates this kind of concrete from the normal is the silica fume that is added to strengthen the bond between the aggregate and the cement. However, this makes the concrete hydrate faster which makes dry quicker too. To amend this, a superplasticizer is added to slow down the chemical reaction between water and cement.  

Modern Concrete – this type of concrete is commonly made of aggregate, water-chemical, and Portland cement mixtures. You need to understand the concrete and cement are two different things, although completely related. Cement refers to the ingredient used in making concretes, while concrete refers to the resulted mixture of cement, water, and aggregates. Modern concrete is what is used for building, rebuilding, and improving infrastructure. 

Stamped Concrete – this is the kind of concrete that is commonly used in different infrastructures such as pavements, parking lots, or other high-traffic areas. The process includes laying out the concrete, placing some molds, stamping, and hardening the concrete in order to make the appearance of natural stone. Once the stone is hardened, it will be sealed.  

Limecrete – limecrete, also known as lime concrete, is a type of concrete that uses lime instead of cement. This substitute is claimed to be environmentally friendly as lime absorbs carbon dioxide and allows other organic materials like straw, wood, and hemp to be utilized as fibers without deterioration, unlike the cement. This is due to the ability of the lime to control moisture. This ability is also beneficial in one’s health as it prevents the growth of molds.  

Other types in concretes: 

  • Shotcrete – invented by the taxidermist Carl Akeley in the year 1907. 
  • Self-Consolidating concrete – does not need any mechanical consolidation (vibrations) 
  • High-performance Concrete (HPC) – tough, long-term mechanical properties, strong 
  • Ultra-high-Performance Concrete – has a combination of ultra-fine powders and has a compressive strength of up to 29,000 psi.  

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Key Benefits of Hiring Professional Painters

If you are building a home and you are in the last few touches before it is finally done, then you must know the importance of fresh painting. The reason behind this is that the color of your home will certainly dictate its aesthetic value and as much as possible, you need to make sure that you hire someone who is not only knowledgeable of the different color schemes that suit your home but also someone who could paint it over your walls with a touch of professionalism. 

Hiring a professional painter is a challenge, especially that more than a skill, it is also a talent. Color mixing and other related works about painting is a challenging thing to do and therefore, if you don’t have the knowledge and skills for it, hiring a professional such as https://www.richardsontxpainting.com is always the way to go. You don’t want to have a home with a funny color, or with paint that is untidily put up into your walls and therefore, it is always the right choice to hire a professional for it. Therefore, here are some of the benefits that you could get that would surely compel you to hire a professional painter: 

1. Time Efficient 

One of the most important benefits that you will have to get when hiring one is that it is actually time efficient. The reason behind this is that professional painters have painted countless walls and thus, they know every single angle, texture and other factors that could affect the time consumed when painting. Apart from this, when you hire one, you also save time for yourself to do other important matters. This is entirely the reason why if you don’t have the luxury of time to paint your own wall, then hiring a professional is the next better choice.  

2. Quality 

There are times when you get to think that painting your walls yourself is fun and exciting. However, what you need to understand is that if you don’t have any prior experience when it comes to painting your walls, chances are, the quality of the painting will suffer. Therefore, as much as possible, you need to make sure that you hire an experienced and professional painter in order for your paint whether it is done in one of the rooms of your home or the interior of your home would be put up in a professional manner.  

3. Tools and Equipment 

Lastly and most importantly, hiring a professional painter would mean that you also see to it that tools and equipment right for the job are used in order to make sure that the painting of your walls will be done seamlessly. Therefore, when you hire a professional to do it, you don’t need to rent or buy any painting paraphernalia because the company already has their own. Apart from this, they are also trained to use these pieces of equipment and thus, what you need to do is to just wait and pay for the services and enjoy the product of their work.